Bifrostec Inc.

An R&D company with technologies for optical disks, communication, sound/vibration sensors and application software as its multicore. Developer and manufacturer of D’Egg,TGA-1B1/TGA-1W1, the egg-shaped speaker system.



The audio products of Daiichi Tsushin Kogyo Ltd. are sold under the McAUDIO brand name. Its digital amplifier 

sufficiently brings out D’Egg’s performance.


Aijima Giken Ltd.

A research laboratory of Mr. Aijima, President, who has long been contributing to Sony audio products by doing design and development, introduction to market and lectures in seminars.

 Manufactures and sells germanium transistor amplifiers.


Kobayashi Sound Workshop

 An audio shop mainly designing and manufacturing vacuum tube amplifiers.

D’Egg can be auditioned with a vacuum tube amplifier there.


Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Now placing MXSP-TGS10, a combination of D’Egg and hanging type stand, on the market.