My speech to celebrate Dr. Minoru Nagata’s eighty-eighth birthday.

Dr. Minoru Nagata is president of Nagata Acoustic Design Office Inc. He and I were colleagues having been engaged in acoustic researches for nearly twenty years at NHK Technology Laboratory. On the last day of May 1971, both of us left the Laboratory.

 After resignation, he established the above mentioned company, and applied the results of his architectural acoustic researches  on room acoustics, sound insulation, vibration control and electroacoustic equipment to the design of music halls and civil halls.

Under the slogan of "Quietness, Comfortable Sound and Excellent Acoustics”, he has been producing world-class results for the related industries all around the world and scientific societies of his specialty for forty years.

He is the fellow researcher whom I highly respect.


In my opinion, eighty-eighth birthday is just a “turning point” for the elderly aged seventy-five or over. It is not the age for retirement  after achieving success and fame. I would advise him not only to compile his past achievements, but also to assign research themes to his followers with his unique ideas from both sides of good and bad adding a slogan “Noisiness, Uncomfortable Sound and Bad Acoustics”.

 His age and his research works are now just on the “turning point”. I would ask him to keep on working with the awareness that he is only halfway through. When he completes his works, I will say “ Now, please feel free to be advanced in age slowly in retirement."

This is my speech at the celebration. Although I closed it nicely at that time, I still have a dream to make a comprehensive survey of my past studies on audio, as an extension of considering both the two slogans. I would like to define the combination of these two slogans as the starting point of my audio researches. Musical sounds and human voices should have sharp touches in time domain, while reverberant sounds are necessary for comfortableness  to the audience. Combining these two contradicting requirements, I would like to make a new system with which you can fully enjoy the splendor of audio.


My speech to celebrate Dr. Minoru Nagata’s eighty-eighth birthday.