Listening to the TV sound lying down on a coach

 The sound of my TV set turned to be better after I had changed its built-in loudspeakers to external ones. It taught me there was a way of enjoying TV, lying down, mainly listening to the sound and occasionally watching the screen.


Brief comments

It is not bad to listen to the sound from TV without watching the screen.


- I was wondering if the sound was left behind because the picture was regarded as the main item for TV programs. Some programs, however, are not made on that assumption.

- “Pictures with sounds” is the main stream in the current TV programs. I would like to propose to increase the number of programs of “sounds with pictures” in the field of such as musicals, classical music and operas.

- I could study spoken languages, accents and intervals through listening without watching.


What’s on my mind

Every program sounds differently in quality.

   - The voice of an announcer is clear, while lines spoken in a drama are so unclear to be heard. I am wondering:

         “Does camera shooting have priority to sound editing of a drama?”

         “Aren’t microphones blocked by surrounding sets?”

         “Isn’t microphone setting regarded as of secondary importance?”


- Music heard on CD shows different sound quality when heard from TV. Does the original sound change after it goes through a TV station?



Please increase the sound information quantity in TV programs!


The information quantity of sound transfer in TV is too small compared to the total transfer information quantity!


- The picture information quantity has been increased day by day to be four times larger, then sixteen times largertoward high precision such as Hi-Vision and Super Hi-Vision. On the other hand, the sound information quantity is still compressed to one-tenth of the CD information quantity.

- Although I do not agree that sound quality depends solely on the information quantity, I would like to insist that the current compression rate is setting a limit for sound improving.

- These days, you can enjoy music with an information quantity four times larger than that of CD, even by a PC.



Why don’t we set a theme to improve the TV sound quality by cooperation of senders and viewers of TV broadcasting to activate the TV world?