How about geothermal power generation?

A story which I happened to hear when I went on a tour of Ireland:
   -The electricity consumed in Ireland was supplied mostly by geothermal power generation.
   - A hot spring was sputtering 30~40 meters below a lava cliff.
   -A building having a large condominium appearance stood alone by the cliff.
<That was the geothermal power plant. There was no pollution. The landscape was not bad.>
Although I did not pay any attention at that time:
   ・The energy problems is now highlighted after twenty years have passed.
   ・Considering Japan has as many volcanoes within the country as Ireland, the geothermal power must be one of
   the best energy sources for us. It neither varies seasonally nor changes in time. Why isn’t it a big topic in Japan?
My friend to whom I asked the above question told me,
“I’ve heard that they had started to investigate the potential of constructing geothermal plants earlier in Japan, but it turned out to be difficult to carry out, since suitable places for the plants locate mainly in national parks that have various regulations for constructing facilities in them.”
     ・We have urgent energy problems currently, so we had better consider this issue more seriously. Why don’t  they consider the regulations for national parks?
“I wonder if they cannot settle for available technologies or possible costs for the geothermal power generation.”
     ・Although many conditions are different in Iceland and Japan, this technology had already been implemented in Iceland twenty years ago and the majority of people has been really depending on it.       
     What is the bottleneck in Japan?
“There may be something hard to say publicly. “


     ・If some professional in energy problems compare this geothermal power with other energy sources, he or
      she may reach the conclusion that it is worth implementing. The geothermal power seems to be an ideal        
     energy source to my amateur eyes.


You might be interested in an editorial article related to this column appeared in the morning edition of the Sankei Shimbun dated June14, 2015.

In the article “Writing on Sundays”, the editorialist Mr. Shohei Nagatsuji writes about the eothermal power generation waking up from a long sleep.