Competition of microphones--It is non-sense!

At a press conference, we often see ten or more microphones standing close together on a podium. You may not care since it is a familiar scene. But actually, “one microphone is necessary and sufficient for one speaker,” because:

Microphones are much alike.

For a microphone, others are all obstacles which disturb the sound field so that the sound quality of a speaker’s voice degrades and the clearness disappears.


Shouldn’t the media organizations cooperate to select one microphone and find the best setting for it? For that purpose, it is better to focus on:

      finding the best distance from a speaker to the microphone

      adjusting the microphone to a speaker’s vocal quality and volume

      how to set the podium to be non-vibrated

      how to prevent magnetic noises from electrical currents for lightings.

These will make the sound clear to hear and allow the press conference be held easily and simply.


You may say:

“I have never thought like this.”

“I admit that it might be right, but still, the current microphone setting is good enough for picking up sounds.”

“Besides, who will take the leadership of this innovation?”


Do you think this kind of proposal is troublesome?