Message from Heitaro Nakajima

We have started as a new company.

April 17, 2015


Heitaro Nakajima

President and CEO


NHLab. Inc.


When several engineers once working with me at Sony Corporation retired from it last July with their accumulated experiences, I made a club-like meeting place and invited them to do research for audio reproduction to pursue excellent sound quality. D’Egg, the egg-shaped speaker system that had been developed some years before was adopted as the basis for our research.


Since then, during the course of a year, we have been making research for acoustic reproduction through trial and error such as hanging the speaker in the air or checking the internal side of it, etc. As the result, we reached a conclusion that the egg-shaped speaker had such superior characteristics that it would be best to adopt the speaker as the starting point to seek for high quality sound.


In addition to continuous research on the speaker body itself, the following issues were to be researched and developed: software creating system and recording/transmitting media, appropriate setting of sound image and localization provided by a home audio reproduction system, keeping balance between sound image and sounding in a sound field created by a speaker, and recognition system for the sense of hearing and acoustic cell area of a person listening to a reproduced sound, etc. I am strongly confident that we will be able to reach the last goal of obtaining excellent reproduced sound by incorporating the above issues into a total system of audio reproduction.  


I have one more thing to say. A music sound wave is the one we eventually deal in. When we apply the wave to the speaker, its diaphragm that is moving quickly and slowly as well as widely and slightly shows deflection within a frequency range of 0-2f0 (f0 is the lowest resonant frequency) and a swinging range with a width of at most several millimeters. This behavior corresponds to fluctuation of a low-pitched sound. As an example of application of this fluctuation, we have succeeded in finding something to begin with to enjoy playing with a musical sound just like a friend by experiencing a real feeling of velvety and mellow drinks by applying a fluctuated music wave to wine and Japanese sake. We are going to extend this application to animals and plants other than alcoholic drinks, and let inaudible music wave outside the audible range join our trial to pursue enjoying fluctuation and comfortableness


Thus, the second year of NHLab. has started with two keywords, “seeking for excellent sounds” and “playing with excellent sounds.” When thinking of the purpose of our meeting, it is possible that we will require a more-than-friends relationship with people who love acoustic world and agree with our purpose. Also, it would be necessary to make a smooth and sure process of sharing research results. Considering these things, I have established NHLab. Inc. as of April 17, 2015 converting the former NHLab. to a joint-stock corporation to make stronger basis for technology and management essential to obtain far better results. As you may imagine, we are unskilled in corporative management. We sincerely hope you will extend your warm advice and guidance in the future. Thank you very much.