Company Name:    NHLab. Inc.


 Head Office

   Address:  10-6 Komazawa 4-chome, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0012

   Phone:   03-3414-0931

   Email:      nh.laboratory@gmail.com

   URL        http://www.nhlab.net


President and CEO: Akira Nakajima


Founded:   April 17, 2015


Capital Stock: ¥7,000,000



 ・Design, production and marketing of audio equipment

  Holding audio seminars

 ・Consulting on audio issues

  Other audio-related operations


Directors: Akira Nakajima

                  Ikuo Chatani:   Development and design of speaker systems

                 Masaru Uryu:   Development of acoustic materials and new products

                  Hiroshi Koizumi: Development and design of speaker systems

                  Michiko Hazama: Acoustic room design, Acoustic measurement and analysis

                 Kantaro Takada: Measurement and analysis of acoustic vibrations,  Planning and management